My name is Martha. Seventeen. Goody two-shoes with a liberal heart and mind. I am a lover of animals and all things childish. I am honest, awkward and downright whimsical. I absolutely love to laugh and smile. My goal in life is to succeed, to love and be loved.

I am the type of girl who bursts out laughing in the middle of nowhere about something that happened yesterday. I am the one who bumps into a chair and apologizes. I try not to let people get to me. I am not perfect. Heck, nobody is. I believe everything happens for a reason and what goes around comes around.

We all learn to latch to something; we all have something we tie our hope to and our lives follow that. I have dedicated my life to God ever since I can remember. He's saved me and has made me his own. He's shown me a lot of mercy and grace.


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library by stella-mia on Flickr.

library by stella-mia on Flickr.

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